24 Revealing Why We Love Chocolate – The Gooey Details

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra JamiesonToday we talk about the secret of why chocolate is so amazing. Why do we crave it?

How can we stop being so overwhelmed with it?

With another chocolate holiday (Valentines day) just around the corner, I decided to do an episode about it.

Why is chocolate so amazing?

Today I’m going to answer that question. It’s time we found out where our cravings came from and how they relate to chocolate.

Once upon a time I was a chocoholic. Now I still savor and love chocolate, but it doesn’t rule my life and it’s not my life-vest anymore.

There are healthy ways to savor chocolate. Once we absorb these practices, chocolate can enhance our lives. So join me now to find out how to breath it all in.

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“Chocolate is like this perfect sensory experience for the palette to make us happy.”  (Click to Tweet)

Show Notes:

  • About my bacterial imbalance in my mid 20s
  • What is a yeast candida overgrowth?
  • How bacteria will die once you quit sugar…. they need it to live
  • Why Chocolate is so appealing to us
  • What theobromine does that we should know about
  • How theobromine and caffeine are closely related
  • Beware… dark chocolate (theobromine) is toxic for dogs and brings up sensitivities for cats
  • The connection between sex and chocolate
  • How we as humans need a lot of physical touch in our lives

“Theobromine means food of the gods and it makes the compound of chocolate really special.”  (Click to Tweet)

  • Hugs and touch reduce cravings
  • What scientific studies on chocolate are revealing
  • Defining the central executive
  • How to examine your days and understanding the cravings that arise
  • What food scientists have discovered… The Bliss Point?
  • How to avoid giving into your body’s fat cravings
  • Understanding hormones and magnesium levels
  • Understanding Carob

“Humans like sweetness. We are born liking sweet. It’s the only taste preference we’re born with.”  (Click to Tweet)

Links Mentioned:

“Humans need 8 – 10 hugs a day for at least 6 – 10 seconds a piece just to be happy and healthy.” (Click to Tweet)

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1 of 12 books that’ll make your divorce easier…

I’m on the verge of tears…

Women, Food, And Desire was just named 1 of 12 books to read that’ll help your divorce be a little easier.

bustle header divorce

Women, Food, And Desire named 1 of 12 books that'll help you get through your divorce a little easier - Bustle.com

Women, Food, And Desire named 1 of 12 books that’ll help you get through your divorce a little easier – Bustle.com

I had to write this book.

When I was divorcing my ex, I became totally disconnected from my body. I allowed the shame and hurt of the infidelity to separate me from my own self-worth, even though I hadn’t done anything wrong.

I had to write this book – because this culture, our shame, and the Diet Industrial Complex, are keeping us from having the love, worth, and health that we deserve.

If you have a friend going through a divorce or break up right now, and you think Women, Food, And Desire would help, please send them a copy.

And give them hugs. Lots of hugs:

Here’s a link to the original article:


P.S. It is an incredible honor to be featured alongside one of my favorite books of all time, Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Jaw. Dropped.

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The Power Of Touch: Mindset Makeover Day 7

It’s the final day of the #MindsetMakeover + I’m sharing my favorite tool from Positive Psychology.

The power of touch.


Touch is our 1st sense, and a HUGE ally in creating a healthy, flourishing life + strong relationships.

In our modern culture we are TOUCH STARVED and often get very little physical interaction or affection. But we need it to feel well, whole, and connected.

Baby animals that are removed from their mama or siblings don’t thrive + develop emotional trouble later. It’s the same for people. “Kangaroo care” is now used for preemie babies – skin to skin contact on an adult chest for hours a day helps tiny babies thrive + put on weight.

We give lots of love and hugs, pats, and hand holding affection to our kids, because we know they need it to feel loved. But for adults it’s harder to ask for touch, massage, hugs, or physical intimacy.

But we think as adults we don’t need as much love + touch. WE DO!

When we get enough touch, hugs + physical intimacy in our day, we are healthier, happy, and less likely to emotionally binge. Hug someone today! CLICK TO TWEET THIS!

Today I’m going to challenge you to get 8 hugs of at least 5 seconds each. A hug has the power to calm your nervous system, reduce blood pressure, and reduce emotional food cravings!

Thank you for taking part in this peek into 7-days of #positivepsychology with me. I’ll be using MORE tools from this science based approach in my next 8-Week Cravings Cleanse, which opens for registration Friday!

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Show us your strengths! Mindset Makeover Day 6

Day 6 of the #MindsetMakeover – Share Your Strengths!

Show us your strengths! A great tool from positive psychology to get us out of negativity bias? Build + broaden your strengths...A wonderful remedy for emotional eating.

Show us your strengths! A great tool from positive psychology to get us out of negativity bias? Build + broaden your strengths…A wonderful remedy for emotional eating.

The human brain is wired for “negativity bias” – we look for things that have gone wrong, or COULD go wrong, so that we don’t do them and maybe die.

And when our brains are stuck in a negative thought loop, emotional eating for comfort and relaxation come one like wildfire.

Research from Positive Psychology suggests that the most successful (and happy) people start with a strong talent + then add skills, knowledge + practice into the mix.

We’ll be healthier + happier if we build on our authentic selves–who we already are–starting with our strengths. CLICK TO TWEET THIS! 

BUT a lot of people are usually unaware of their own strengths. I have seen this truth confirmed time + again in my work with clients at various stages of their healing journey.

So here is a simple way to discover one of your top strengths:


One of my strengths is humor.

Other strengths that might resonate with you include leadership, gratitude, love, love of learning, spirituality, curiosity, creativity…make up your own!

Share your strengths below, take a picture of yourself with a sign like mine and post on Instagram or Facebook!

Tomorrow is the last day of this #mindsetmakeover – then I’ve got a BIG announcement to share with you!!

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Play like a kid! How to get more fun than just food in your life.

Day 5 of the #MindsetMakeover = PLAY LIKE A KID!

The 8-week Cravings Cleanse opens in a few days – and I want to share the mindset tools that make diet + food + healing easy.


When you have more #fun in your day, play more, + seek out more pleasure, your body feels great, and food isn’t the ONLY fun you give yourself! CLICK TO TWEET THIS! 

Seriously – you can’t just change your food, right?

You gotta upgrade your thoughts about food, your body, and life – if you want a fun, happy life, its time to start playing more.

That’s why I’m giving you tested daily mindset tools from Positive Psychology to show you the power of your thoughts when it comes to getting the body & life you desire.

Today I want you to play like a kid!

PLAY is proven to boost positive emotions, motivation, curiosity, and the neurotransmitters that help us love ourselves.

Play is a great and free way to feel a sense of joy + delight in what you do – and it’s not just for kids!

My FAVORITE way to play? Wearing my hot pink roller skates and skating with a friend.

Play releases dopamine, endorphins, and helps you get into a state of mental flow where you focus, stay engaged, and learn to manage distraction.

How can you play like a kid again?

1. MAKE TIME: schedule 1 hour today JUST for play time
2. DECLUTTER A PLAY SPACE OR GO OUTSIDE: try not to rely on specific toys, unless you’re going to play an instrument or get into an art project – but make it playful! Let your creative energies flow rather than finish something or trying to master a new piece.
3. FOCUS ON PLAY, NOT OUTCOME: don’t look for results. Play can have a flow/dream-like quality which is good for your brain + body.

Enjoy your play day!
Tag a friend + ask them to come play with you!
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